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Products > Wall washer fixture > > LED wall grazing luminaire
LED wall grazing luminaire
LED wall grazing luminaire LED wall grazing luminaire LED wall grazing luminaire
Product name : LED wall grazing luminaire
Product No. : 201752016950
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Light source: 18 LEDs  24LEDs  30LEDs  36LEDs SMD3030
Light source lifespan: Based on LED manufacturer's specifications
Viewing angle: 15*45°
Lumens: 75-80lm/w white color
Input voltage: DC24V
Power : 18w 24w 30w 36w
Power linking : Link free based on the current
Power connection: Waterproof cable . Male and female connect.
Ingress protection rating:IP65
Housing material:Extruded aluminum
Lens cover:Impact resistant glass
Control protocal: USITT DMX-512
Control channels : 4 .6 .8 or more based on project request
Cooling: convection
Operating temperature range : - 4° F to 104° F


Environment: Wet location IP65 .
Warranty: 2 years manufactuer's limited warranty

PN#         Color                 Viewing angle Watt Dimension                 Voltage
YSYQ2612W White/Mono colored 15*45°                 12w L1000*W26*H39.5mm DC24V
YSYQ2615W White/Mono colored 15*45°                 15w L1000*W26*H39.5mm DC24V 

YSYQ2818W White/Mono colored 15*45°                 18w L1000*W28*H43.9mm DC24V 

YSYQ2824W White/Mono colored 15*45°                 24w L1000*W28*H43.9mm DC24V 
YSYQ3024W White/Mono colored 15*45°                 24w L1000*W30*H62.3mm DC24V 
YSYQ3236W White/Mono colored 15*45°                 36w L1000*W32*H46.9mm DC24V 
YSYQ3530W White/Mono colored 15*45°                 30w L1000*W32*H65.3mm DC24V 
YSYQ3536W White/Mono colored 15*45°                 36w L1000*W32*H65.3mm DC24V 


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